Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend Freebies!

Links removed on request :(

So my Friday got off to a great start. I finally took the bull by the horns and called the tax people... by tax people I mean the tax office or whatever. So I end up getting the possible soundest guy I have ever spoken to on the phone. Not only does he sort out all my tax affairs, but I think tries to chat me up by asking me about hurling- obviously he hadn't a clue what he was getting himself into as I am Kilkenny's worst fan, I genuinely couldn't tell you how many on a row we are going for or whatever, but back to the point at hand, he tells me he is giving me my emergency tax back, plus a little extra, €150 I had no idea I was due...

It was Henniken invasion in Kilkenny this weekend...

Next up I head down to the left bank for a free gig, the Delorentos. They are a band I almost saw live so many times, but just never got around to seeing. Which is sad because when I lived in Dublin they pretty much played Whelans/UCD/Trinity every week. I forgot that I really like them. Well not only were they playing free but we got free henniken too. Now I don't really like Henniken, but I really like free stuff.

The Delorentos came on all guns blazing. I was a little bit morto for them, as I knew most of the crowd, and suspected they may not have known many, if any songs. It didn't really matter as the crowd in the left bank gave them a brilliant reception. I had totally forgot what a solid band these guys are. They were amazing, and I'm not a big guitar fan as anyone who knows me will already know. 'Leave me alone' sent shivers up my spine, as Ronan sung the refrain, "It's a little too late for us" I was ready to hunt down the bitch who had fucked him over. They came back to do one more tune and played 'Stop' which had the crowd go off.


Maeve and I met these promo girls who offered us free shots in Morrisons, amazingly we declined the freebies, because we had a date with Alex Metric.

Now, as I have already mentioned I love free stuff, and thanks Henniken for bringing somone so undoubtadely cool as Alex Metric to Kilkenny, but what the fuck were you thinking of bringing him to Matt the Millers. I mean this is the type of place that The All Ireland talent show people play? I was totally morto for him, thankfully he just did his shit...

Here are two of Alex's most prolific remixes,

plus one of his own from his new solo style project, this is a total dancefloor filler, and totally on repeat in my head.....

PS. Alex is a total hottie.

So Saturday Henniken treated us to Jape, which I am not even going to comment on because I really don't rate them....

What I will mention is me going up to a complete randomner thinking he was my friend Eoin, giving him the friendly pinch... he was not.... but props to randomner, for a full 10 seconds of being friendly, (while a look of total fear overcame his face) obviously thinking he did know me from somewhere.... gah!!!

I have seen these dudes twice, one at elec piccy with my friend Annie from youngblondes, and another at the now defunct Spirit, again with Annie. these guys put on an awesome show, and it is very looooooooooooong.

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