Friday, August 20, 2010

Oldies but Goodies.

I find that I am the type of person who is constantly living in the past. I cannot let things go, for example, every single day since my Leaving Cert I wish I could go back in time and change my CAO choices, but alas c'est impossible. Sometimes, this not being able to let go of things ain't so bad. Like tonight when I came accross some gems on my ipod. Not sure how I took these bad boys off my play list but they're going straight back on!

First up, Hey Champ.

Hey Champ are a trio from Chicago. I first heard them around about the time I was 'writing' my thesis. I was a music guru in those days as I was online 24/7. Anyways, Cold Dust Girl was on repeat in my head for pretty much a month and then I kinda forgot about them. I can be fickle like that, in all matters except for matters of the heart. Har har. Right....
so, here's some Hey Champ....

Hey Champ- Cold Dust Girl mp3

Hey Champ- So American mp3

Hey Champ - Shake mp3

Then I came across DVAS

DVAS started with two Canadians, and they've picked up a few along the way. They spin tunes in Montreal but it basically could be Paris, they are very very smooth. In fact in 2009 they featured on A Valerie Mix, Valarie and Friends. Two of my faves are remixes, but they have just dropped a new album which I am loving, very summer, very cruising in my car. (When I get someone to take me out...)
DVAS- Ambient Room (Symbol one remix)
DVAS- Bromance mp3
DVAS- Questions
DVAS- You're amazing mp3
DVAS- Society mp3
Quite a chilled offering!!!

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