Thursday, July 29, 2010

Swimming, Swimming, Swimming!

Given that I have an bronze all Ireland swimming medal (1996 u10 Girls Relay team), it would seem churlish of me to not give swimming another go.

As I either commit to something fully, or not at all, I have now become quite the water baby. My only qualm with swimming is the preparation involved.... Anyways, listen to this and you will get an unmoderated glimpse into my life..

This Maccabbes songs actually captures the sights, sounds and smells and perils of Leisure Centres! Unfortunately, mine does not have a wave machine....

Maccabbes-Latchmere mp3

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Going Nowhere?

Do you ever feel like you are stagnant? Well that's pretty much how I have felt for quite some time. I am literally stuck in a rut.

cut copy going nowhere

I feel like I have achieved so little and it makes me sick when I see all these people my age like doing all this crazy shiz. Miami Horror, younger than me is an obvious example...

Anyways, so Cut copy's front man Dan has not only been working on a new cut copy album, graphic desigining,, dropping amazing remixes, but now he has a very exciting sideline project with Joel from Riot in Belgium. I knew I was going to like this song... but I didn't reckon on so much. It makes me feel like I am in Berlin's hippest new club, it's dark and smoky and there are stars on the ceiling.... i'm not really sure why, that's just how I roll bitches!
voltage-all night (radio edit)mp3

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Do you have a type?

I think that I only have one type. Tall, gangly blonde. This is reinforced by the fact that I recently saw one of my favourite men, to be honest my favourite man.
I handled the enormity of the situation very well. As in, I didn't repeat what happened the last time. i.e tell him I loved him and wanted to move to Melbourne. To be honest I'm lucky he didn't ask me to leave the venue. Maybe this is the type of thing he hears all the time? Who knows.
Anyways. My favourite cut copy song, at the minute- Far Away, maybe it's because Dan said in an interview it was about an 'ex girlfriend', and I can cling to the ex bit.

FarAway mp3