Monday, November 9, 2009

Wedding Fever!

Is it wrong to be obsessed with weddings? I have absolutely no chance of being wed soon, but I still have a very unhealthy interest in it. I love looking up flower arrangements, and weddings. If I find anything like wedding photos on facebook, I will become addicted to seeing every photo especially dresses. I know exactly what kind of a wedding dress I want. I HATE the generic strapless dresses that every Irish girl seems to wear. Strapless dresses, especially in white or a white like colour suit so little of the Irish population that it makes me want to cry when I see photos. I also want to cringe at most people's professional wedding photos.

I am also unhealthily obsessed with gossip girl, the following photo marries my love of both weddings and gossip girl perfectly.
This dress is so beautiful, although Jessica Szohr has a fantastic figure, and by fantastic I mean very thin, I think this is actually a flattering dress, and beautiful.