Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Child or Ride?


You know the way if you have a vision impairment, and you're all like oh check out that tottaly blonde hottie over there on the bike, i'd say he's German... then as you get up close and power walking past with fucking earphones falling out of ears so keep stopping to put them in and it's pissin off big time, but i'm like it's grand now cause i'll give this fella the eye and I get up to him, and it's a child. A child on a bike and I AM MORTO. The moral of this story is I need to start wearing my glasses. Like, I'd totally wear my glasses if they made me look like woman in the pic above.


So my sister has her baby this morning, cue the biggest sigh of relief ever because she had actually the most awful time during the pregnancy and the hormones were like poisoining her and i am in work this morning, and she literally just popped him out. Seriously 3 hours and he's out. In fairness she was due a break but I am just so grateful to whoever in the universe made this happen, and I cannot wait to see baby Ethan who is apparently blonde. Swoon!!!!!
This is a beautiful song, which I always imagine in my head when i travel like on a train or bus, but especially a train. so i'm staring out the window thinking, my mr darcy will show up and we will have passionate arguments you know, misunderstandings, but will reconcille in the end, not before i see his sweet massive gaf. I'm kinda on the mc darco train because i was watching the mormon pride and prejudice version last night. now, Loreto girls of 2004 were the biggest darco fans in the history of english students. there was a certain 6 fiacra contingent to whom every man will face the darcy test.
Arsenal- Estupendo.

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