Monday, August 2, 2010


*UPDATE!!! Who would have guessed that my blog had some readers, but alas it has, links removed on request :(*

I think i may be in love with Sweden. How can one be in love with a country you may ask. Well as I have mentioned in a previous post, I have a thing for tall blonds. I think I could do worse than move to Sweden, a country where every man is tall and blond. Yum!!! While I consider this, I will convey some things which are also great about Sweden.

1. Robyn.
I had TOTALLY forgot about Robyn. I had completely wiped her from my short term memory, this was until I saw her video for Dancing on my own. This woman knows heartbreak. As someone who has to dance on her own, (and this is not a lewd reference to Billy Idol's classic song for singletons and solo lovers (dancing with myself)) I just love her lyrics and beats. Plus she's on Modular, pretty much the greatest label to walk the earth...

Robyn Dancing on my own Falke remix ocelet remix
OK so it's been a long time since we heard much from this Swedish duo, but interesting fact, The Knife won a Grammy award as best pop group of the year 2003, but they boycotted the ceremony by sending two representatives of the Guerilla Girls, with the number 50 written on their costumes, as a protest against male dominance in the music industry. The Guerilla Girls are hitting Kilkenny next week as part of the Arts festival.

So, I genuinely love ABBA. This may be a tenuous link, but here is Hung down, Presets style.... Presets reworking Hung up by Madonna which sampled Abba's Gimme Gimme Gimme. This is kinda what I wrote my Masters Thesis on actually, you can find it in Trinity Law Library "There is nothing new under the sun". God I'm a geek.

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