Saturday, December 25, 2010


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I am in a very very dark place. I have not left the house since Thursday night and every so often when the nausea dies down I am greeted by hideous memories. The problem with flashbacks, I find, when caused by drinking is, if like me you talk to yourself a lot in your head, and then you think back sometimes you think you said things out loud that you actually only said in your head. Fucking disaster, I can't master the line between getting so drunk that I shirk off my inhibitions as being the person who metaphorically loses her inhibitions by pulling her skirt over her head. Sigh. Seriously new year's resolutions are going to be fantastically abundant in choice this year.

Some things that make me happy at this dark time.

Dan Whitford. Also a resolution to be an 'aloof unavailable ice-queen' the next time I see him. Yummers.

Laurence Fox. Fox by name and nature. Cannot wait for new Lewis season.

Sixteen Candles. A film so amazingly brilliant that it has left me with completely unrealistic romantic expectations.

Like a scene from the great gatsby or similar. I am off now. Prob to vom. I hate myself sometimes.

image via weheartit

mp3 love my way- psychadelic furs
mp3 pretty in pink- psychadelic furs

mp3- Take me over - Cut Copy

mp3 If you Leave OMD

mp3 Tenderness - General Public

mp3 I'll Melt with you- Modern English

Valley Girl Trailer!

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