Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Cut Copy!!!

The Time has come... to CELEBRATE!!! After teasing us with the lukewarm, Beach Boys inspired 'Where I'm going', a few Cutters gems have leaked in anticipation of the Zonoscope release. The future is much brighter than 'Where I'm going' promised us. Following on from the sunshine tinged synths of 'Take me Over' we are on much more familiar, and dare I say it terra firma with these tracks.

NEED YOU NOW kicks us off with the cowbell featuring prominently , I should have guessed it would feature on this album, Tim was all over it this summer! (I saw them live twice in 3 days, amazo!) This is a beauty, the exact type of track that is going to feature heavily in my bedroom, starts off mysterious, and then builds into a gorgeous climax. Have to say is very reminiscent of an Andy Bell Erasure sound, an absolute brilliant accolade in my book. It could feature in any one of John Hughes' films and I would be like is that Depeche Mode maybe? The synths also remind me of a Mylo track Emotion 98.6. Man I was mad into Mylo in 2004/2005. Kinda also reminds me of 'The Paradise' Alan Braxe, Fred Falke, In Love with you, also in my head at that time. In short I like songs that remind me of certain poignant times.

mp3 Need you now

ALISA - I am not hectic about, and have yet to get a good mp3 version that I can make available for download. I think I might not be crazy about it because I am like who the fuck is Alisa and why is Dan singing a song about her? But also it's not a synth as I like.

BLINK AND ... I am crazy about, I will get this up in the next few days, I LOVE this track. It's fun, and makes me want to dance.

CORNER OF THE SKY- starts off like an intergalactic explosion, kind of uncertain about it.... then it kinda comes down into something tangible. I like it, and I think it will grow on me, but it certainly is a builder. Very smooth in the breakdown.
mp3 Corner of the sky

PHARAOHS AND PYRAMIDS- sounds more like it could have featured on In Ghost Colours in it's intro, it's got the Tangerine Dream vibe going on that permeated on that album. Then it goes into another direction, which fuses 70's funk or disco Dan's falsetto and something else entirely. I like it! I think it reminds me of Lipps Inc 'Take me to Funky town' then it breaks into a kind of 90's house direction. A bit of Crystal Castles also vs Goodbooks Leni in it too....Then it goes into something which reminds me of 'The Cure's' Caterpillar.

mp3 pharaohs and pyramids

mp3 Take me over Tim Goldsworthy Remix

In completely other news, 'Cold dust girl' by Hey Champ featured in a 90210 episode! I felt like my child had just started its first day of school! I was so proud!!!

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