Sunday, November 14, 2010

RIDEY-BRAIN, a definition.

This weekend saw Kilkenny host the inaugural Kilkenomics festival. Kilkenomics is exactly what you may be thinking it is, an economics festival, in Kilkenny. It may not seem like the most obvious of ideas, but it was pretty cool!!! I got on to my mate Fran who shares an interest in economics with me that dates back to Leaving Cert economics. Not having persevered with Economics after the leaving unlike Fran, I left it up to her to choose a show. Fran chose '23 things they don't tell you about capitalism'. I was like 'whatever' this is obviously the hottest ticket of the festival. I don't really think I was on the same page as Fran as I thought it was '23 things they don't tell you about communism'. I was really confused during the show, I was like seriously when will he start talking more about China and the USSR? Little did I know that Fran had reasons of her own for choosing this gig. Turns out she is a secret fan of this dude. She cited him many times in her essays, and even has a secret 'pet-name' for him. ' RIDEY-BRAIN'. A man who is fanciable because he is a brain. I'm just appalled to be friends with someone who demeans men in such a shallow way.

Anyways, he's not really my type. Afterwards we went to Langtons front bar, and I saw a man walking through the bar, I said to myself, he is totally an older version of the exact type of man I fancy. Really nice face, as he got closer I was thinking he is really familiar. Turned out to be David Mac Williams. I was shocked. Seriously guys, he is a RIDEY-BRAIN!

After the gig we had to high-tail it to Cleeres. I have saved this fortuitous piece of the story until now. When I had gone in to the ticket office to buy the tickts there was a sign saying 5 pairs of free tickets to BUST. THE HUMAN COST! I was like whatever, lads any free tickets left and they were like yes no bother. I had paid no attention to it whatsoever. So we got to Cleeres and Fran went in to keep seats while I got the beers in. I saw a really nice looking lady with lovely green shoes, and I said to myself. She is the woman! Only a woman who is the guest of honour would wear such amazing shoes, low and behold turns out I was right!

If I played for the other team Dearbhail Mc Donald would be my RIDEY-BRAIN. Pauline Mc Glynn was the MC and I have quite a bit of a girlie crush on her too. They were both so eloquent, and not facetious even when discussing such pieces of the proverbial as Sean Dunne, Sean Fitzpatrick et al. Dearbhail has written a book called BUST! Turns out on Friday I had unbeknownst to myself heard an interview with her where she was accused of being obsessed with Michael Lynn, infamous runaway solicitor. Well, the talk was enlightening. It was scary. It made me so angry!!! I cannot wait to read the book. There was some harrowing stories, which I won't even go into, but just the general theme of the festival was the whole discontent of people with the current economic situation. One of my favourite Dearbhail snippets last night was when she likened the Celtic Tiger to a Hans Christian Anderson fairytale.

I'm exhausted thinking about it all.
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