Friday, November 5, 2010

The contents of my head

Ok, so firstly. This blog post is long overdue. The reasons are multifaceted but include the following; a general sense of ennui, being quite busy, a sense of forebooding doom which coincided with my 24th birthday and the eventual and not totally unexpected demise of my laptop.

Anyone who knows me knows the story of the laptop. On a dark night in the Winter of 2006, my laptop fell off the bed and onto the floor. The OC series one was in the dvd drive. (This I think is an accurate portrayal of the backdrop of the situation and a symbol of where I was at in my life.) The result was a smashed laptop. The screen was fucked. Now I was sad, sulked and was very mad with the person who caused the event to happen. He shall remain nameless, but not blameless.

I somehow learned to deal with the screen and began to relove my defective laptop. I would get so freakin mad when people came over and were like "Oh Christ". I became so defensive. I would watch films on the thing for frick sake!!!To be fair she never let me down. Four and a half years, countless essays, internet stalking, thousands of mp3's and my Thesis. But all good things must come to an end, and it is without doubt the end of a poignant chapter in my life.

So anyway's I am now working off my mother's laptop which is perfect and has never been used.

I don't know about anyone else, but now I am 24 I am increasingly wanting to feather my nest. I am increasingly drawn towards woman, Bella and Best, obviously I still buy reveal glamour and new! But I'm not going to lie, I have recently bought Real People, surely the lowest of the low when it comes to magazine hierarchy. I have also found some grey hairs which are really stressing me out.

Anyways, I suppose I am also obsessed with become a property owner. This is no doubt a legacy I inherited from my ancestors. Anytime I receive a gift that it remotely housey, I save it in a special shelf in my wardrobe, my modern version of the trousseau for when I have my own house, a version I imagine of every Irish person's 'good room' I don't want to sully these things until I have them in my own precious place. Well. the odds of this happening anytime soon are slim, and I think I should probably use the Fancy Tea Bags my sister bought me as they are Best Before June 2011. I think this date may be a tad optimistic. But seriously, I am becomming increasingly similar to the hope chest freak girl in 'You me and everyone we know'. Currently the shelf contains the following;

A salt shaker, an egg separator, and a spatula. These are a themed set. The previously mentioned tea bag set. A fancy kitchen timer. This beautiful Emma Bridgewater mug, various pottery. A massive box of Lindt chocolates which I am keeping for a time when I invite a male back for coffee and petits fours. Obviously I am going to have to buy a coffee maker to make this fantasy come true. Seriously, I am only one step away from going to the Brown Thomas sale for an Alessi bottle opener.

Would like a boy who I can do this with;

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